Sunday, November 4, 2007

Going 3D Snowman

This card was a blast to make. I will share directions as I got this in a kit and figured out the directions on my own. So when the kit is gone I can still make them.
Going to be using this one for a centerpiece on my table I think. Turned out cute.

First of all you will need a sheet of cs on this one. I know what your thinking a whole sheet of cs, but, well worth it.

Cut 2- 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch pieces.

Score at 2 1/8" - 4 1/4" - 6 3/8". You need to do this to both pieces.

Now with your coluzzle center in the middle of the outer score lines. Make sure it is even all the way around. It is easier if you put both pieces together so you get all of them in the same spot, and they they will match up better when you put them together for the 3D effect. These will fit in a regular sized envelope. I believe they are called A4.

With the pieces coming out of the center, the ovals you can either punch them smaller with an oval scalloped punch or punch a 2 smaller pieces and stamp on them, color in and put a piece of string or ribbon in the middle of them. You want both of them facing out.

Because of copyright laws I was informed of by someone I had to remove the directions.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend