Friday, August 15, 2008

Injured Brother

Sorry everyone I have not been updating. My brother fell off a ladder and fell 12 feet and landed on his head and shoulder. He broke his neck. He is not paralyzed but broke the 6th and 7th vertebra in his neck. He got very, very lucky. He has been in the hospital since Tuesday and I have been traveling back and forth to the hospital. He is in a town a little over an hour away. Been a very long week for all of us here. They did surgery as he had bone chips pressing against the spinal cord and a nerve pinching them off. Which of course made his arm, neck and shoulder hurt. He also hurt his chest in the fall which is quiet painful. He bruised the bones and the muscles. Since the surgery last night he is doing somewhat better, but it is going to be a long process for him to recover. He was able to get up and walk today a little bit. When he fell he hollered for help but no one heard him. So he crawled around the house up a couple of steps into a porch and they finally heard him and called my sister to come help him. Like I said he was very lucky. We would appreciate it if you all could pray for him. His name is Arnie.
Today I didn't go down to see him, so might doing some stamping tonight if time permits. If I do I will share tomorrow what I get done.