Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm back!.....Heritage Background Pages

Bet you thought I was never coming back. I have been down with sinus headaches and taking care of my Mom. In and out of the hospital. I think this time they finally got her feeling good enough that she will do better now.
My sisters and myself are doing some heritage scrapbooks. We are just doing background pages right now and will add the rest as we get more done. Going to get information from my parents while they are still her on a lot of the pictures. I am doing more pages that look like old wallpaper like my parents used to have and aunts and uncles. I love the old fashioned look. Today I will share a page or two with you and you can see how I do my background pages for heritage pages. Tomorrow I will share more and also getting back into the Belli Challenges. So for today here are two pages, hope you enjoy and get some ideas from these. When they are finished with pictures and stuff I will share again.
Do any of these look like wallpaper from the olden days?
Angel hugs