Monday, May 26, 2008

Poll for Updates

Some Gave All

I just put a poll on the right hand side of my blog for you to vote on how many times a week you would like me to update. I have had a few people unsubscribe from my blog saying I update to much. So figured I would get all of your opinions on what you think on how often I should update.
Also to let you know I have not been stamping this past week. I have had a sleep apnea test done to see if I have any sleep disorders. I do but will find out more results with in the next two weeks. Glad to have that over with.
We have also been busy in the yard getting it cleaned up after the long long winter we had. Finally got some bushes planted. One snowball bush, 2 golden flame spirea's and a red flaming bush. I think they all will be beautiful when in bloom. I also weeded around the ones I had already, which is a couple of bleeding heart bushes, snowball bush, lilac bushes and another one I don't recall the name something with rose in it. And boy does that have some sharp prickles on it. LOL, it is some sort of bush but not a rose bush. We live on 1 1/3 acre of land so lots to mow. We had been working on the rider as it broke down last fall. Thank goodness that is fixed as I hate to push mow that much lawn. All and all it has been a very busy week. Yesterday we also put flowers on 13 graves.
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Holiday and it is a safe one.
Prayers for all those in the Hugo, MN area with the tornado yesterday. And the surrounding areas that had all the bad storms.