Sunday, June 1, 2008


Apparently I am into birds this weekend. I did these for my small scalloped circles and squares that are die cuts. They are in little tins and hold them really nice and make it for easy storage.
All I did for these was to rub them on with a Popsicle stick and pull off the backing and I have my decorated tins. Turned out pretty cute huh!
Angel hugs

Garage Sale Finds

I found the most pretty finds at a garage sale today. I also do tole painting so this was a treat to not paint them myself. And to think they was only a quarter each! Gotta love a deal like that. These are off of some type of farm equipment and was sanded and painted. I love the shape. And she did a wonderful job of painting them.
I also found a Home Interior picture of hummingbirds in flight. Rather large I would say about a 24x12 maybe. I love hummingbirds and to get a Home Interior picture for a dollar can't be beat.
Angel hugs

Lilac Planting

We have been so busy planting Lilac bushes. Friday we spent a big part of the day planting 26 or 27 Lilac bushes in our yard. We are trying for privacy and a wind block for winter months. Although we have 44 pine trees in the yard I want something smelling good and that can block and get privacy from. My sister bought me in some bushes from our old property that they bought from us. She even has more so we can do the south part of our land and finish the east side. We got most the east side done with this bunch and a small portion in the front of the yard. It had rained two days in a row before we started planting so the gound was so nice and moist for doing this. I can't wait to get the rest of the property done an them growing big so I can have my privacy in my back yard.

We planted big and small ones, so some is going to take much longer to bush out and be nice. But as you can see we have a good start. I didn't show the long angle of them. I believe we have 15 to 17 along the one side.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! Angel hugs