Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Extreme Fall Beauty In Minnesota

I love this time of year all the beautiful leaves and the crunch when you walk through them. The clean fresh air it brings. I think the fall of the year is the most beautiful time. Normally it is not quite this chilly yet, but it has been a strange year for weather. I remember when we was little and we would rake up all the pretty leaves into big piles then get on the swing set and swing as high as we could and then jump into the leaf pile. So much fun.
Our yard is full of Pine Tree's so I really don't get this beauty. But at my parents house is another story they have beautiful birch, maple and all kinds of beautiful trees.
The top photo is by some friends house. A place where we thought of building at one time in our imagination. LOL At the end of this road is a beautiful circle type drive and it is all trees like this.
Next is a picture of a Maple tree in my parents yard. Isn't this just beautiful? And the next one is also in their yard.Lastly is one not far from us it is a bush. That bright crimson is so pretty. Hope you enjoyed the little tour of our trees in Central Minnesota.
Angel hugs