Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cards I got for Christmas

As promised yesterday here are the homemade cards I got from friends. Everyone did an awesome job and they was displayed proudly with all my cards.

First one is from Bev. I love the colors and of course the angel. Great job Bev and thanks so much for thinking of me through the holidays.

Next card is from Danita, she used a cute retired set and retired wheel. Have both in my collection. On one of the groups I used to belong to I was a night owl and did all the uploading to the group at night cause I couldn't sleep. I got the nick name of Elfy. LOL, so this card bought back some memories. Thanks Danita for thinking of me. Such a bright and cheery card for the winter blues!

Next is from Holly, she made this into a tri-fold card and such a beautiful job she did too. I love the old fashioned sleigh scene on this one. Thanks Holly for thinking of me this Christmas. My parents used to talk of times of taking sleigh rides. I wish I was able to do that.

Next we have Shirley, she did a smaller card but it has all the fun of a larger card. This one is a pop up so you will see both views of this one. Such a cute card and a great idea. Thank You Shirley for thinking of me. Love the pop up of the card and so did the kids.

And lastly but certainly not least is a card from Tracy. Such a pretty card. Love the snowglobe on this card. She did snowflakes on the globe and they just glitter. Very Pretty. Thanks Tracy, looks like a MN winter.