Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rudolph the 2nd

Last one sharing for awhile, we are still working on more but will share another time when we get them finished or as we get them finished. Whatever comes first. This is a copy of the first Reindeer I did. However I didn't much care for the first one and dd loved it so she got it. Now of course Mom had to have one for her collection of them so here he is. Same directions and pattern as before.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Ok as I said my son was busy working on a Kitty for you all. I think he did a fine job of it. He is black so can be used for Halloween too. We had to use a white gel pen for his mouth. Hope you like him. I shared the pattern for him yesterday. Now remember Travis is 12 and he did this Kitty and the Puppy one. This one he did the pattern for all of it by himself. Pretty cool huh! So make sure and include your children on making these as you can see they do a wonderful job.
Instead of repeating each time now for the supplies just please refer to the others as they all pretty much have the same materials.
I have one more to share and will do that yet today that I made. It is another Reindeer, I like how this one turned out better than the first one.
Angel Hugs,