Friday, December 28, 2007

Fun Christmas Day and Eve

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very fun. Had 17 family members over so I had a house full. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, buns, veggies, my sisters yummy beans, I made homemade coleslaw. We also had some goodies to go with that like some yummy pies, a dessert my sister made that was out of this world good. And of course had to have some cookies.
Christmas eve was with my dh and our kids only. We had a great time opening gifts from each other. I got some great gifts. DH and I got each other a camcorder which we used Christmas Day and love it. Takes the best video's. I got to capture my parents on video along with everyone that came Christmas Day. My oldest son got me some Pyrex mixing bowls and a waffle iron, DD got me a Pyrex cake pan an some smaller ones in a package along with some loaf pans. Mine was so yucky, I don't like the tin ones real well cause over time they rust so am loving the glass ones. My youngest son got me the Giga scalloped punch and I also got the smaller scalloped punch. So I got some really awesome gifts.
Christmas Day is the day I had everyone over. My BIL got me for Christmas and he got me the cutest Santa and a Snowman. I will get pictures and show you all what he got me. I just love them. Was so nice having everyone over. Some played games but we mostly visited and had some good laughs.
Would love to have you share with me how your Christmas turned out and what all you got. So feel free to leave a comment and share with me your Christmas.