Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red, White and Blue Lanterns

Last one for today, I am finding such cute things to bring in the 4th with a bang! Here are some lanterns to add the the stars and pinwheels. Now all you need is red, white and blue, plates and napkins and your set to go. Of course you can't forget the fireworks! Directions for the lanterns are here. Don't forget to get the kids involved in these projects they are easy enough for them to do too.
Angel hugs

Bringing in the 4th of July

Red, White and Blue! We are all getting ready to Celebrate the 4th of July. Bring it in with a bang with these Red, White and Blue Stars! I was surfing the net and found these. What a cute way to decorate for the holiday. You can find directions for this at the Martha Stewart Website. These would go great with the Pinwheels I shared not long ago. Wouldn't these stars be awesome across a deck? Then have your pinwheels on a basket on the table.
Hope you enjoy and I have sparked some holiday interest.
Angel hugs

Piggy Pattern

Sorry been busy working on swaps and forgot to post the pattern. Here is the link to the Piggy, this is such a cute pattern. Please give credit for this to Sara Sandberg. She is the one who created this pattern and was nice enough to let me use it for a swap. She has more patterns too, so check out the rest of her blog here.
I will be sharing another piggy when they are completed that I am doing for the swap. On the ones I am working on I am using pop dots to pop his head so it looks more 3D and also his snout will be pop dotted. I am doing them in a brighter color.
In the meantime check out Sara's place and enjoy her patterns.
Note: You will need to make the pattern smaller to work with our regular card envelopes 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. From what I am told you reduce it with your printer program 20%. I just had someone do it for me I cheated.
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