Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fancy Bonnet

I believe this is the last of the cards I got. This one is a hat that Norma Chiaramonte, I have or had a hat pattern but not like this one at all. Love it, this one is tall and opens up so cute. She decorated it cute to with a matching band and a flower.
What a great swap this has been. The cards was all outstanding and the templates.
I put my back out so am sitting on a vibrating seat with heat and hoping that will help with the pain and relax it. I have taken two pain killers and it didn't help. Might have to take some more before bed and hopefully between this and the vibrator and heat it will solve the problem. All I did was pull the computer chair to the computer to check on email.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Angel hugs

Flower Purse

Purse is done by Candace Kieper she was also in the Shaped Card Swap. Isn't this cute, I love the strap and the flower. I think this is really cute and plan to make one soon.
Sorry it has been a while since the last one. I have been very busy with my parents. My Mom fell on Sat. morning and she went face first, black and blued her eye, elbow, shoulder and knees and wrist all on the left side and broke her wrist. Dad is unable to get her up so he called me. Since I have been over several hours a day and taking her to appointments. Then on Tuesday evening she sat down in one of those outdoor plastic lawn chairs and it went over backwards and she hit her head on the sidewalk and has a huge goose egg on the back of her head. They are not putting a cast on her arm as her skin is so thin and she is a diabetic and it just isn't good, so right now she is in a brace. I also went over on Thursday and cleaned the house. My youngest son, me and my niece and between us we got he house all done. Now the yard needs it. So hence the reason I have been missing in action this time.
Hope everything is going better on your ends of the world.
Angel hugs