Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ooops Big Mistake on my part.....

Oh My Goodness, I made a big mistake, I put the wrong blog for my winnings. I am so sorry Viv. The blog I won the Peachy Keen Stamps from was Viv's blog please go and check her out, she does the most beautiful work. She ended up sending me two sets of stamps, what a sweetheart she is. Please go and visit her blog and give some love. Viv, sorry about the mistake on blogs names, just wasn't thinking I guess.
We are getting snow in MN right now, suppose to have a big load drop on us over the next few days. Hoping it misses us for the most part and we don't get as much as expected. Although we do need the moisture and the insulating it does to our homes in the winter.
Hope you all are having a wonderful February so far.
Angel hugs