Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogaversary Winner

Ok now what you all have been waiting for and that is the winner of the blog candy. I had 26 sign for the blog candy most I have ever had. Thanks everyone for keeping up with my blog and playing along, I really enjoyed all your stories. It was so fun to read each one of them. I love bringing back memories especially the good ones. And you all had some good stories thanks for sharing them with us. If you happen to have time, go and read them.
Ok on to the winner.
Shelly is our winner for the blog candy. Shelly I will email you for your address beings you left me your email addy. Thanks makes it so much easier to get in touch with you. Here is what Shelly had to say:
Happy Blog-aversary! My absolute favorite Halloween memory is when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My parents weren't together, and now as an adult, I know that there were money issues-- but you wouldn't have been able to convince me! We had a neighborhood Halloween Party-- everyone brought an apple as an entry fee -- we had a bobbing apples contest -- all costumes had to be homemade and made from scratch -- we weren't allowed to use a cousin's costume, or a sibling's. I remember going as a 'die' -- a single 6-sided die! Hey, cardboard boxes were easy to come by -- talked a neighbor out of some white paint, and cut the black dots out of construction paper! We had a Halloween parade around the neighborhood! Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the fun part of the Halloween holiday, Debby-- Shelly ~ waving from a chilly SD
Congrats Shelly hope you enjoy your prizes.
Angel hugs

Baby Food Jar Candle Holders

These are so cute! I found them while surfing this morning. You can get full directions here. For all you new mom's out there you can use up those baby jars on something really cute.
Enjoy, I have been sick with my fibromyalgia and didn't get to do the drawing for the blog candy last night. Once Travis comes in we will do that and I will announce a winner.
Angel hugs