Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Candy

My friend Chris is have blog candy, go check it out here. She is Celebrating and you can get a chance to see what she is celebrating when you go sign for the blog candy and do as she ask. You might even get two chances to win.
Angel hugs

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fancy Bonnet

I believe this is the last of the cards I got. This one is a hat that Norma Chiaramonte, I have or had a hat pattern but not like this one at all. Love it, this one is tall and opens up so cute. She decorated it cute to with a matching band and a flower.
What a great swap this has been. The cards was all outstanding and the templates.
I put my back out so am sitting on a vibrating seat with heat and hoping that will help with the pain and relax it. I have taken two pain killers and it didn't help. Might have to take some more before bed and hopefully between this and the vibrator and heat it will solve the problem. All I did was pull the computer chair to the computer to check on email.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Angel hugs

Flower Purse

Purse is done by Candace Kieper she was also in the Shaped Card Swap. Isn't this cute, I love the strap and the flower. I think this is really cute and plan to make one soon.
Sorry it has been a while since the last one. I have been very busy with my parents. My Mom fell on Sat. morning and she went face first, black and blued her eye, elbow, shoulder and knees and wrist all on the left side and broke her wrist. Dad is unable to get her up so he called me. Since I have been over several hours a day and taking her to appointments. Then on Tuesday evening she sat down in one of those outdoor plastic lawn chairs and it went over backwards and she hit her head on the sidewalk and has a huge goose egg on the back of her head. They are not putting a cast on her arm as her skin is so thin and she is a diabetic and it just isn't good, so right now she is in a brace. I also went over on Thursday and cleaned the house. My youngest son, me and my niece and between us we got he house all done. Now the yard needs it. So hence the reason I have been missing in action this time.
Hope everything is going better on your ends of the world.
Angel hugs

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swap Dress

This beautiful dress is done by Loydean Woods, and such a wonderful job, she added a pocket and a bow. I love how this turned out and am so happy I got this one. She has scalloped the edges of the bottom of the dress and on the sleeves. The pocket has two eyelets to hold it on.
Tomorrow I will share another card. Not many of these left to share and then I will share my other swap and get back to my cards. But, I really wanted to share these with you and show you that you can join some really good swaps.
Angel hugs

I've been Tagged

Karen Gibson tagged me over at Krafting with Karen. Thanks Karen for tagging me. I am suppose to tell you 7 things about me so here we go. 1. I am the baby of the family. I have two older sisters and an older brother.
2. I do many crafts, I tole paint, stamp, scrap book, paper piece, quilting and crochet. But, have dabbled in many others.
3. I will be married to the love of my life for 28 years come this Oct. 4th. We have 3 wonderful Children and one angel.
4. I live within 4 blocks from my parents, 5 from one of my sisters, a mile from the other and 10 miles from my brother.
5. My best friend and I talk almost everyday on the computer. She lives in the cities so we don't get to see each other much.
6. I love watching Forensic files, CSI, Law and Order. I think in my next life that is what I will be.
7. We have a Jack Russell Terrier and he is the wildest thing I have ever seen. Love him dearly though except when he runs off and we have to go and look for him.
Now 7 bloggers I want to pass this on to.
Jana' at
Kimber at
Michelle at
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That's it. Angel hugs

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swap Card Bra & Panties

This one was made by Kimberly Johnson. Now I have made this one before they are so fun to do and the men love them. LOL I made one for a friend and he loved it, it was a Birthday Card. I did a faux tattoo on the rear cheek. You can do that using your printer and over head projector sheet. I have directions for that on my blog too.
Here is the front of the card.

And here is the back of the card. I love this one cause you have something on the back and front.

I will have another one to show tomorrow. I got 10 shaped cards all together so will show them to you all, one day at a time. Then I have another swap to share and will show that one also.
Angel hugs

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two more Shaped Cards

The popsicle card is done by Kadie Labadie, I have yet to make one of these also. Aren't they cute. And are so easy to make they would be a quick card for a stamp camp. The ribbon goes up to the card and holds it closed.

And then we have the cup cake card this one was made by Kathy Logan. I just love this one so sparkly with the glittery icing. And love the cherries on top. I have wanted to get the pattern for this one for awhile as I couldn't get it to print to the correct size when I found it on the net. This is such a cute card. She really did a great job on this with the crimped cup cake bottom.

Hope your enjoying my swap shares.

Angel hugs

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shaped Swap Card

This one is from Diane Smith, looks like she used a die cut for this card. Love it her detail and shading on this is just perfect. On the middle of the card she did a technique called faux wood. Beautiful job on this and one technique I have never tried yet. She also added brads between the flowers and on the bottom of both sides of the friend. This card also opens up. Such a neat idea. And love the added touch of the ribbon on top.

This card is done by Elizabeth Kratzer, she used a scallop to make her card. This card is so cute and small enough to fit in a 3x3 envelope to give as a gift card. Cute idea. Lots of layers on this one. She used a couple different punches and a eyelet in the center of the flower and also added a cut little ribbon to top it off. Super cute idea.
I so enjoyed this swap and was so excited to get it back. I love shaped cards anyway, they are different from the norm.
Angel hugs

Shaped Swap Cards Received

These cards are from the Shaped Card Swap I was in. I got some fantastic cards in this swap, everyone did an awesome job. I will share 2 in this one.
This is one that Dar Yarowski"s. Isn't this just the cutest windmill you have ever seen. She has so much detail into it. The blades on the windmill go around too. Such a neat card. She has the blocks on the building cut out and glued on.
This next one is by DeDe Janzen. This one is so cute, the wings open with a message inside. Love how this turned out. She has glued on little wiggly eyes that move. And the wings are attached with black brads.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rock-A-Bye...Boy & Girl Tutorial

Found another one I wanted to share. Boy this one is so cool and so persise on the tutorial. Hope you like it too. It's a wheel card. This could be used so many ways.

Angel hugs

Origami Window Box

I found this while looking at tutorials on I thought this was so neat I had to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy and make one for yourselves.

Things are slowing down here so tomorrow I will share some swap cards I got last week. Remember I was in a shaped card swap? Well I got my swap back and believe it or not I won a prize with my piggy card. How cool is that! I have 10 card to share and will share a couple a day.
Thanks for stopping bye.
Angel hugs

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bow Tying Tutorial

Sorry I have not kept up lately. Been such a busy month, with family reunions and so much more. I did however find a nice tutorial to show you on tying bows. Hope you enjoy.

Angel hugs

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Piggy Fam

Ok here is all the piggy's I made for the swap I was in. There is 12 little pigs here and you can see his tail. I didn't have any pink wire so I used red. His tail is sunburned. LOL
Hope you enjoy, my other post here. You will have to re size them, or they are way to big to fit in our envelopes. Here is the pattern.
These are so much fun to make and so easy. The lady that did the swap Lori, had a contest for the most unique pattern and I won! WooHoo! Can't wait to see my prize.
Hope everyone is have a wonderful day. It is really hot here in Central Minnesota, so we are going to the river to swim. Ok home to finish, we just got out to the river got in and it started to lightning out so we had to get out and come home. At least we was in long enough to cool off. Got home and the winds started to pick up and rain. My police scanner said a tornado touched down in a town near us but think it went down and right back up cause we was watching the rotation. It went down and right back up. Anyway things have settled down in my area now so I am back on and finishing getting this out.
Supplies used:
Pretty in Pink Card Stock
Pretty in Pink, Ink
Red wire 18 gauge
Plaid Flannel background stamp
White Gel Pen
Black Marker
Pretty in Pink Marker
Crystal Effects
Directions are pretty much self explanatory.
If you have questions just as and leave an email and I will get back to you.
Angel hugs

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let's Say Thanks and Support our Troops

You can send a free card through Xerox by clicking on this link. Let them know we care and support them by sending a card and a message.
Angel hugs

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Scream You Scream... We all Scream for Ice Cream

I bet you all thought I forgot about my blog and you my readers. I didn't I have been sick. Sinus headaches and just plain feeling blah!
I completed my swap with the little piggies so am going to share them with you this week. But for today I have the Ice Cream Cone card. I had seen these made and thought they was really neat. I made this card for my VC partner. I hope she enjoys it. Sounds like she loves chocolate as much as I do.
I found the choc. saying stamp at Joanne's Fabric in the dollar bin. Thought it went well with this card. Otherwise everything else is SU card stock. If you click on the Ice Cream Cone you can see that I used my fiskars trimmer with the scoring blade to make the cross hatches for the cone. I did every 1/2 inch. Makes the cone look more realistic. On the choc. chip card stock I used Crystal Effects to give it the glossy Ice Cream look.
Hope you enjoy today's project.
Angel hugs