Sunday, October 14, 2007

Water Problems

Sorry bloggers, I didn't get to get anything at all done today. We worked out in the yard getting ornaments put away and cleaning up the yard. Then we started on getting the sewer system all covered up so we don't freeze up in the wonderful Minnesota weather we get. Still have a long ways to go we ran out of leaves so might have to go and raid some yards. We will have half way to go. I sure hope the neighbors are willing to share instead of burning them.
Then I had laundry to get caught up on and boy does that pile up fast with 5 people in the house on a daily bases. So was doing that and the water stopped. Yup no running water coming from anywhere. Pure Panic sets in and you think what do I do. Well dh goes down and checks it out and can't for the life of him figure it out. We thought that the well run dry but it didn't. Called my trusty BIL who does all this kind of stuff and he come over with some jugs of water to prime it thinking that was the problem. Well he get down there in the basement and we have no pressure. You see a week ago this same thing happened and dh went down and got scalding hot water all over his wrist and got burned pretty good. So dh lowered the pressure on it and forgot about it. That is the problem we didn't' have enough water pressure building to pump out the water. So finally we have that fixed and the kids can shower. LOL, oh the fun! Now the kids are in bed, Mom is tired and Dad crashed as soon as the water was fixed. So needless to say I got no stamping fun done.
So bear with me and hopefully I will have something fun to look and and hopefully help you be creative. Really sorry I messed this up. So between cleaning house tomorrow and stamping I will have something worth wild to see.
Thanks for being patient with me on this.

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