Monday, November 19, 2007

Origami Box

Wow, this was so fun to do and so easy now that I found a place that has a tutorial on it. I will share that with you in a bit.

This box measures 4 x 4 and is 2 inches deep. How cool is that you can put something bigger in this box. I love how it turned out and love the step by step directions.

Only thing SU on this one is the white organdy ribbon and then I put some checked red ribbon on that with adhesive and attached to the box. This bow even went on nicely. It's even straight!

So now it is your turn to go to this blog and make your own. Believe me they are so fun and easy to do and will make your gift so much more special when they know you made the box yourself. This is my son holding the box, all you see is his little hands but he wanted me to have a picture of it before the ribbon so you could see how much the ribbon adds to the box. And also how thick the box is. You can see I used patterned paper for the top and red for the bottom.

And then again here it is finished with the bow and all. Hope you enjoy and make one for yourself or for you gift giving. I know I am going to be making more of these. Angels Hugs

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tonistamps said...

Gorgeous box Debby! Thanks for the link to the tutorial too. I'm going to make one of these in the next couple of days for sure.