Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mrs. Clause

Now what would Santa be without Mrs. Clause? So I had to make her too. I sketched out some templates for her to share with you also cause I seen one done but no template. :( So now you can make on too. I do not have a pattern for the glasses however, but, can tell you how to make them. Now Mrs. Clause's honker turned out rather large. It was glued down good with flat glue dots so I couldn't make it smaller.

I did not have an easy time with the glasses so if you make one and find an easier way to do them please let me know.

Winter has hit MN and we have approx. 12 inches of snow so it has been the perfect time to work on these.

Supplies again that you will need:

5 coasters

Real Red Card stock you will need to trace around a coaster and make 3 of these. You will need to also make a hat.

Flesh is for her face, nose and eyes.

White for her hair and trim on her cap and for her eyes.

Black for eyes

1/2 inch circle punch for eyes

Large oval punch for eyes

Wire for glasses, use heavier wire mine was so thin it was hard to work with.

2 eyelets, set these so they lay flat.

1 snowflake brad

Ribbon- for this run your ribbon around a coaster 1 1/2 times and cut, you will need 4 of these.
Texture and Swirl Cuttlebug embossing folders for doing the hat and hair.

Same direction for putting together as the others.

For her glasses you will need to wrap the wire around a smaller glue tube. Leave a long wire before you do the circle around the tube so you have the wire for attaching to the holes in the lacing area. Make two of these. Then with a small piece of wire make the brace for the nose piece. Wire that to the circles on the glasses. Hope that is clear as mud.

I am doing a pattern you can down load by clicking on it or right click and save to your computer.

After everything is done add your earrings.

Really hope you are enjoying these. I have one more to share tomorrow that my youngest son made. Then I can move onto something else. These have been so much fun.


sharon said...

Debby, this is GREAT! I can't wait to try this myself. You are so talented, lovely project. said...

AWESOME girlie .. But I already told tyou this huh? I soo love her .. wish I had a ton of coasters now .. guess its time to hit a restuant Hee! Hee!
love ya
Dawn griffith

dd2njoy said...

Hi there,Lori Ames sent me here.Those boxes are just too cute!

Joanne Tofte said...

I love this!!! When I download the pattern it is very very small. Is there a way to make it larger?

Debby said...

Joanne, when I print it out it is the right size. Not sure if our printers have a lot to do with hit or not. Try enlarging it. It should be just over the edges on your 4" coaster.

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

See Debby, now if I had read more of your blog I would have realized you do have a cuddle-bug! Duh! I need to read more of your blog!
Beautiful Mrs. Clause