Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Polar in his nightcap

Hope your all not getting sick of these coaster boxes yet. I have a few more to share. Today I am going to share the bear my son made. He created him himself. I love his nightcap. He added stars to the nightcap. Looks so cute. The ears was a little hard to do for him for some reason. But he got some done and he turned out wonderful.

My youngest son is trying his hand at one tonight. I will share his too. DD is not into crafts at all. Youngest son Travis is making a dog. I will share his with you later this week.

So here is my son Chris's creation. Hope you like him as well as we do. Chris made his so he looks sleepy. He did add highlights to his eyes and nose later on after Mom talked him into it.

So what you need:

5 coasters

White Card Stock - trace around coasters so you have 4 and cut them out and glue to coasters.

White Large Oval for eyes, cut two

White card stock for ears. I would just do large circles for this as we had trouble coming up with a pattern for them. Next size smaller for the pink in the ears.

Black for nose and eyes. Use a 1/2" round punch for eyes. I will have a pattern for the nose or close to it.

Bashful blue for his nightcap.

Pompom white sparkly one

Black marker for mouth.

White Gel Pen

Chris also used a sizzix die with mini stars on it for the hat these are done in yellow. And glued to the nightcap.

Do the same putting him together as you did for the others (Santa, Reindeer and Snowman) they all go together the same way.

Add his face (eyes, nose and drawn on his mouth with the marker).

Once he is laced all together you will add his nightcap and ears. Ears go behind the nightcap. Add your Pompom and your done!

Now how many of you are making these cute little boxes? Please share with me if and when you make them I love to see how every one's look as each one turns out so differently. Sorry here is the pattern. Fitured more of you would want it. It is the same as the Santa hat only without the trim.

Thanks for stopping bye.

Angel Hugs


Anonymous said...

Hi- These boxes are wonderful and thanks for sharing them! Your DD doesn't know what she is missing especially having a very talented Mom to help her! Hugs Kay Mespelt

Anonymous said...

I love that bear one, with the nightcap! Oh my gosh it is so cute!

Eileen said...

Do you happen to have the pattern for the night cap???. If so would you please email it to me at myrubberroom@aol.com. Thanks in advance for your efforts. I just have to make this.