Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Brew

Here is a little poem to go with a cup of Hot Chocolate.

Warm Winter Brew© 2001 by Shirley Thomas@

Brrrrr! It's cold out today.
Inside I think we should stay.
So I'd like to share with you my special warm winter brew.
I filled it with the whistling of birds,
a bit of spring too pretty for words,
the sweetest scent of the first flowers and the freshness of spring showers.
I packed it full of laughter so fine,
laced with lots of dazzling sunshine,
that I picked on a summer dayalong with some fun and play.
I put in the sound of leaves rustling
and flying in the air all bustling.
And I put in just a little nip of windto give it a bit of a kick, my friend.
So sip and think of days to come.
They'll be filled with lots of fun...
Getting together with friends too,
and like this, warming thru and thru!

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