Sunday, January 6, 2008

Make your own Rub-Ons

I have been sick with fluid in my ears and it is tilting my ear drums forward. So have not done much stamping or anything. Was looking through my email though and found this so thought I would share it with everyone. I know I would really love to try this but it will have to be when I feel better. If you try it please put a review in the comments area, I would love to hear how it went for you.


This technique is just too cool! Rub-ons are all the rage these days, but you may find it difficult to locate the perfect theme, color, etc. for your project. Well, now you can custom make your own!
Supplies you will need:
Transparency sheet or a piece of page protector, cut to fit your printer. (Most will be 8.5 x 11)Popsicle stick (or similar object to rub the ink)Computer and Word Processing Program Printer
1) Open your Word Processing Program, and type the words you want to use for your rub-ons. Choose your favorite font, color, size etc. You can even add a graphic if you like!
2) Choose "Print". Click on "properties" and choose the following: "Best Quality" (you want as much ink as possible on the transparency) "Mirror" or "Word Flip" (this will flip your text so that it's backwards.
3) Now print. If you're using a transparency, be sure and print on the slick side, not the rough side. If you're using page protector, either side is fine.
4) After it prints, set it aside to dry for 15 minutes. Don't touch it, it will smudge!
5) Choose the paper/project you want to use. Place the transparency, ink side down on the paper. Using the Popsicle stick, rub firmly across all the letters. Lift it up and voila! Your text is on your project!

Angel Hugs


Allison said...

TFS! I will have to try this out!

Gwen Snater said...

You are so awesome to share that!!thanks!!! I am from Minnesota also!!!Rochester area!

Wanda. said...

What a great idea, I'm going to have to give this a try. TFS

JeanM said...

Wouldn't you have to type it backwards? So when you flip it it is the right way?

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

UNBELIEVEABLE!!! THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME TECHNIQUE I'VE TRIED IN SO LONG!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING. IT WORKED ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Yes, that was all caps cuz' I was totally screaming!!! You are so awesome to share that with us. I will be using this on everything I don't have a stamp for. Oh my goodness, my head is whirling thinking of all the sayings I can use!! Would you mind if I posted this on my blog? I would give you full credit and if you know who the original technique was from I would ask her/him also. THANKS AGAIN! YOU'RE THE BEST!