Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Card TOTM Swap

Sorry everyone that visits, the migraine are still hanging in there. I know it is the weather we have been having in MN. Anyone else get migraines? Or an major headaches like that? I have 5 different kinds that I have been diagnosed with and none of them are any fun.
Anyway, I did get one card done but forgot to scan it in to share so will ask Lori when she gets it to get a photo so I can share it. . I belong to a group of MN stampers and we had a Theme of the month swap. I got a card from Lori and will that with you today. Lori did a great job. Thanks Lori Auge-O'Hara for the beautiful Valentine's card.
Angel Hugs

1 comment:

Diane said...

Oh Debbie I hope those migraines go
away,poor you!!! I get severe headaches but nothing like that I'm
sure!!! Hope your get better real soon. Beautiful card you got there!