Friday, April 25, 2008

Look What's Happening here

It is really coming down. Yup on April 25th we are getting blasted with the white stuff. We had hail for about 3 hours then it turned into this. DD softball game canceled and my youngest had a dance and a sleep over at his school for tonight, just got a call and they finally canceled that too. Today is my Mom's Birthday too, what an awful thing to wake to. It's not safe for man nor beast out there.
My police scanner is just buzzing with roll overs and traffic accidents. I less than 10 minutes we had 8 roll overs on the scanner near us. Not to mention the next towns over.
They are saying we are to get dropped up to 8 inches of snow tonight and have more coming tomorrow and through next week off and on. Mother Nature time to wake up! It's Spring Already!!
I will try and get some stamping done while this stuff is invading us and share.
Angel hugs

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sjk said...

I'm sorry that you got the snow stuff again....but please keep it on your side of the border....

Sara in WI