Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry been MIA.....

Sorry haven't been around the last few days haven't been feeling well. I finally got into the doctor today and will be having some extensive testing done to find out what all is the problem. This should of been done years ago but you know how that goes unless the doctor comes up with the idea it isn't a go. Well this time he finally woke up that something isn't right. I will be having fibromyalgia testing done and a sleep apnea test done for two of the things he has in store for me. He is also doing a bunch of testing on my 20 year old son. He has one kidney that is smaller than the other by an inch. The artery going to that kidney is not open to what it should be so the blood flow is not what it should be to that kidney which they feel is causing high blood pressure and diabetes. Hopefully we will have answers soon for the both of us.
I will try and get back to my stamping tomorrow, but have been hurting so bad and having some major headaches again so haven't been able to get anything done.
Hope you all are doing much better than we are.
Angel hugs

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