Thursday, September 11, 2008

Faux Seaglass

Pretty soon I will be back to stamping and creating myself again. Mom is slowly getting better from the stroke and mini strokes she had about 3 weeks ago. Today I took her for a hearing test and next week she will get a hearing aide. That should be a big improvement for her on hearing again. She has a lot of nerve damage in her ears and one ear they can not help her hear out of anymore from all the nerve damage in it. So hopefully with the hearing aide on her better ear she will be able to hear clear enough soon.
I was blog hopping and seen these Faux Seaglass bracelets and thought what an awesome idea! So I asked Patty if I could share them with you and she said yes. She does however no longer offer the kit or anything, but has some fantastic directions for making them. I just love this idea as finding faux glass in my area is next to impossible without the Internet. Well to me nothing beats homemade so check out Patty's Stamping Spot for step by step tutorial on making your own Faux Glass. And thank you Patty for letting me share this with my readers.
I love how she tells us how to use a stamp to get them textured and designed also. How cool is that? I will definitely be making some of these soon. Now where did I put that Shrink Plastic? She colored them by using our ink refills and our Crystal Effects. Talk about beautiful. Anyone would be happy to have this on their wrist.
Hope you enjoy today's idea and make sure and check out Patty's blog for the tutorial and what else she has done. She does have some wonderful talent.
Angel hugs

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Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

I'm glad to hear that your mother is on the mend. This bracelet is absolutely stunning!!!