Thursday, November 15, 2007

Easy Six Pointed Star

Another ornament for you to make. I got the tutorial on them from the Paper Pleasing blog. She has done an excellent job on this video and it is so easy to follow. Check it out and make some of your own.

I did do mine a little differently and added a eyelet at one of the points for threading my cording through for hanging on the tree. I figured it would have less of a chance to tear this way. On this red one I used a white eyelet to match the white in the words. On the blue one I used a blueish colored eyelet to match in. Now remember when doing these that you can have them different sizes. Depends on the size of your paper you cut out and how you cut your angle. Mine both turned out different and I used the 6x6 piece on both of them. Just cut my angle different.

So for this you will need either an eyelet setter and punch or your crop-a-dile. I use the crop-a-dile as it is one of the best tools I own. My oldest son got it for me last year for a Birthday present and I just love it. I also use the red liner tape for taping mine together it really is strong and holds really well.

So what are you waiting for go get out that designer paper, crop-a-dile, cutter and get going and make some of your own to embellish your tree this year. I am thinking I will be hanging mine from the arches in my doorway instead of my tree.

Again thanks for stopping by. And I really hope these are giving you some ideas for your tree.

Angels Hugs

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