Sunday, November 18, 2007

Foiled Embossed Wrapping Paper

Look how cool this turns out! I love it and it is so simple. I bought some foiled looking wrapping paper at Walmart today. I got 3 colors now wish I would of gotten more. Think I might send hubby back for Red, silver if they have some ( didn't on the silver when I was there today). Anyway I got this teal color shown here but it don't scan that color. I got some gold which is going to be really pretty too and a darker blue.

Now these are thin wrapping paper but it works great. I got this hint from someone on one of my groups, so of course just had to try it. I really hope you do to and are as pleased with the results as I am.

So all you do is cut strips of wrapping paper and cut to size and with your cuttlebug embossing folder emboss them with what ever machine you have. I have a sizzix and it works great for doing this.

I have not been uploading to my blog because we had a few things happen here. First of all I got 3 of my fingers slammed in the car door by my youngest son by accident. I was fixing the molding around the door when he didn't see my hand and slammed to the door. Well like all 12 year old they don't do it lightly. Luckily I did not break any fingers but they sure swelled and hurt for a while. They are back to normal today. Then yesterday our dog decided to take a run when I opened the door. Now if you know Jack Russell Terriers they can move fast! We got in our cars and went after him only to find him chasing the police car. After about 6 blocks he pulls over and asks " Is this your dog!" No we are just chasing him cause it looked fun! Good grief how dumb. Anyway, he took off from him and down another two blocks before we caught him. In the mean time he broke a toenail way down and it was bleeding pretty good. Which of course cured our shopping trip for the day. His paw is really sore an he is limping around but it did stop bleeding and we didn't end up having to take him to the vet. We will if his toenail dies out then it will have to be removed or if it doesn't grow back in right. So now you know why I have been missing on my blog.

I will try and get an ornament posted yet tonight unless of course something else goes wrong. But, I just had to share this foil wrapping paper with you.

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Anonymous said...

This is cool, but what would you use it for? Cards? You couldn't wrap a present with it could you? Thanks!!