Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Nugget & Kit Kat Box Tutorial

These are so darn cute. I was checking out some of the blogs I visit a lot and found some really cute Easter projects and beings Easter is just a few days away I thought some of you with small kids would enjoy doing these for you Easter baskets. This first one shows you how to make the little box for putting the Nuggets or Kit Kat's in. The next one will show you how to make a cute little bunny face for the top.
Hope you enjoy my last minute finds for your Easter projects.

And this one is for the bunny ontop of the little box.

Now these are created by Chicnscratch blog. I am not sure of her name but check out her blog she does really neat things and has a bunch of tutorials.
Hope you enjoy these little projects for your Easter fun.
Angel Hugs

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Sara in WI said...

Thank you so much! Your tutorials are always so clear and specific. They are very helpful and fun. I appreciate the work that goes into them. Happy Easter!