Friday, October 12, 2007

So Many Sayings

Hi everyone thanks for coming over to my new blog. I am slowly transferring things over from the old one. So bare with me while this happens, it shouldn't take long and it will be up to date.
I won't be moving everything over so not to bore you. But a few things I wanted to bring over to here.

I got the stamp set So Many Sayings, like most of you I am sure. But, instead of mounting them on the 3 blocks and only getting 3. I cut all mine apart and mounted them on Jumbling Blocks (sold at Walmart for 4.12 for 48 of them) You then get 36 sayings instead of the 3. Check out the photo's below. I would however recommend that you use a exacto knife instead of a scissors like I did, I think it would be easier cutting. They still turned out but you could see easier where you are cutting them.

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Kelly B said...

I had this same idea the very first time I saw this set in the catty. I have a set of blocks from a JENGA game and it worked perectly. Glad to know I wasn't "out there" with my idea. My upline thought I was goofy for all that work...